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Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day with the gift that keeps giving~Furmont Chrismouse

In light of today being Random Acts of Kindness Day, we wanted to introduce you to Furmont Chrismouse.  The ultimate random acts of kindness gift.

We recently interviewed Tracy Vincze, the co- creator of Furmont Chrismouse- the new craze this holiday season! Recently featured in Neighbours magazine and developed to encapsulate the true spirit of giving, Furmont Chrismouse reminds us that real magic can be found in the small, thoughtful gestures we extend towards others.

As a young girl, Tracy tells us how she exchanged trinkets and treasures with her parents. This shared tradition was the source of so much joy. It was never about monumental gifts but the quality time spent together to make long- lasting memories

A few years ago as Tracy was scouting for Christmas gifts, she got caught up in the frenzy and chaos of shopping and the budding stress led to a pivotal moment of self- realization. In the midst of rushing around she asked, “Why am I doing this?” and more importantly, “Who is this for and what really matters?” After pausing, taking a few deep breaths and determining the purpose of what she was doing, her perspective shifted. As a result, the concept of Furmont was born.

Chrismouse symbolizes how great things come in small packages. It speaks to the kid in you by encouraging a fun and creative side that makes the holidays much more memorable and special. Customers have personalized their ornament to include heartfelt notes from Santa to funny coupons for movie nights or family time. They have tucked in vintage family heirlooms passed down between generations and one gentleman even plans to propose with an engagement ring hidden inside his! Furmont Chrismouse emphasizes the importance of intangible things that genuinely connect us to others.  You are essentially creating an experience and gifting a story within each ornament. How cool is that!

Tracy has already seen the positive effects in her children who have contributed various ideas to the end product. “They are mindful of others and their involvement has influenced them to spread more compassion.” She has always believed generosity and kindness are antidotes to alleviate stress thus Furmont unites her nostalgia for a simpler time with a commitment to giving back to the community in which she was raised. $1 from each sale will go towards the Oakville Food Bank.  The whole concept of Furmont immediately resonated with Pretty in Pink Spa Owner, Sonia Imerti, who also donates to various organizations. To continue the charitable mission Pretty in Pink Spa will also donate $1 dollar from every purchase to her local charity of choice –Food4Kids.ca organization.

Stop by the spa to meet Furmont the Chrismouse or purchase yours directly online at Pretty in Pink Spa.  We know you will fall in love with Furmont like we have!

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