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10 reasons why your daughter will love our themed summer camps at Pretty in Pink Spa

Summer Camps that bring out the best!

Pretty in Pink Spa Halloween Party

It’s a perfect fit! Our summer camps are creative and original, not to mention our philosphy that camps are educational, inspiring and help young girls develop into confident, strong individuals. Our campers will create everlasting memories and new friends.

Day camps at Pretty in Pink Spa focus on positive energy, living a healthy and natural lifestyle and letting our inner and outer beauty shine!

This year’s themes for camp are new and exciting! See the top ten reasons why your daughter will love our amazing summer line up!

A unique combo of inspiration and education

Pretty in Pink Spa Halloween Party
  1. 1) Your daughter will feel inspired when they meet our Camp Director who has a degree in art and photography. Skilled in many forms of design and being an entrepreneur, she offers girls informed lessons on a variety of creative subjects.
  2. 2) Did I mention creativity! These weeks are full of fantastic projects! DIY a mirror for your room, sew a trendy summer wrap dress, design your own plushie doll to keep and so much more!
  3. 3) Want to be an entrepreneur? At our design week girls will learn tips of the trade as they dabble in interior design, jewellery making, fashion, beauty product creation and toy development. They will come to understand how to display and sell their designs, set up a product photo shoot, and promote their designs to their target audience.
  4. 4) Or maybe your daughter loves to travel! Then she will love our European vacation week, packed full of cultural delights. Get immersed in European art, dance, dress, food and more.
  5. 5) Girls get to experience, make and EAT food from around Europe. Make a slow cooker lasagna, stuff French pastries and Russian blinis, enjoy an afternoon of biscuits and tea or perhaps some sparkling grape champagne. And don’t forget about our chocolate day! Mix and mold your own chocolates, receive Belgium chocolate facials and indulge in chocolate fondue!

    It's time for Summer Camp

    Pretty in Pink Spa Halloween Party


  7. 6) There is something for everyone! DIY projects, painting, crafts, jewellery design, fashion, creative writing, photography, cooking, spa fun and more! Don’t forget at Pretty in Pink Summer Camp we love to get active too! Enjoy fun dance lessons and time outdoors for sports and games.
  8. 7) Don’t worry your children are in good hands! Our Camp Director has over 10 years experience in the children’s industry teaching art and sports. She is CPR certified and all our staff are equipped with proper credentials and police checks.
  9. 8) Your daughter will love our beautiful, clean and natural environment. Plus you will love our focus on all natural, organic and chemical free spa products teaching your daughter the importance of reading a label and becoming ingredient savvy.
  10. 9) Our goal is to make a truly memorable and positive experience. We focus on girl power and making sure every girl is included. We look not only to make and do amazing projects, but make amazing memories and friendships.
  11. 10) It’s FUN! Why we love to teach girls new things and get into challenging projects we also love to let loose and just have fun! Whether having impromptu dance offs or heading outside to play a hilarious game of “scream” we are always laughing and having a good time. Pretty in Pink Spa is a wonderful camp experience which will have your daughter begging to come back again!

Spa Summer Camp~How Fun!

Pretty in Pink Spa Halloween Party



Top 10 reasons to Register for Camp at Pretty In Pink Spa

It's time for March Break Camp

Pretty in Pink Spa Halloween Party

10) It’s Pretty

Pretty in Pink spa would make any girl feel right at home! A lovely spa atmosphere, pristine environment, and sparkly and pink décor; it is just perfectly pretty.

9) Campers get Pampered

Each week consists of spa services. Girls can enjoy a range of services including; chocolate facials, mini manicures and mini pedicures. Sometimes we even do DIY facials teaching girls the importance of skin care and using natural, chemical-free products.

8) Our Activities

At Pretty in Pink spa we strive to create a perfect balance of activities. Campers can learn new skills in painting, drawing, sculpture, sewing, photography, jewellery making, textile work, and more! Campers also get to prepare their own themed snacks and participate in physical activities.

open quoteclose quoteI made 2 new friends last year!

7) Making Friends

Campers get a chance to interact in an all girl environment making for a more social atmosphere. Pretty in Pink is all about teaching young girls to interact in a positive nature and camp provides games, challenges and group activities to instil these teachings.

6) Our Philosophy

Pretty in Pink advocates the importance of teaching young girls to be strong, confident and naturally beautiful inside and out. Our camps always include activities that aim to boost self worth and positive attitudes. At Pretty in Pink we truly believe that girls can do anything.

5) Our Camp Coordinator

All Pretty in Pink camps are run by our professional camp coordinator. Our leaders have years of experience in the children’s industry teaching art and sports. Our camp coordinator has a wide range of talents, from art to baking, that she uses to pick her activities in each week of camp.

4) Healthy Choice

Pretty in Pink is a natural and organic spa for young ladies and women. We are passionate about healthy living; whether it is about carrying chemical free skin care or making healthy eating choices, we believe simple changes can lead to feeling better and happier. Our camps work to instil healthy choices in each of the girls; we discuss skin care, prepare our own healthy snacks and play games that get us up and moving.

open quoteclose quoteWe do something new every day!

3) Our Spirit

Pretty in Pink camp is full of positive energy; from impromptu dance offs, making up our own silly songs about household objects or outside for a game of “50 yard scream”, our camp has no shortage of spirit.

2) Campers Safety and Happiness

Safety is always our number one priority. We understand the anxiety of leaving your child in the hands of someone else. That is why we have a camp coordinators who are certified in first aid and has experience working with children of all ages. All camps are packed full of fun activities in a safe and supervised environment so parents can rest easy.

1) Campers and Parents Love Pretty in Pink Camps

We were overwhelmed with the positive feedback we received for our 2014 camps. Please check out our line up for 2015, starting with the upcoming March Break Camp. Camps at Pretty in Pink are educational, creative, relaxing and a positive experience and of course a whole lot of fun! Hope to see you there!

Summer Camp | July 28 – August 1

Pretty in Pink Spa March Break CampDIY Girl


Make your space truly yours with todays crafty projects. Start by making yarn chandeliers; use yarn and fabric stiffner to create these cute shades perfect to fit over string lights. Design a canvass with your initials; perfect to hang on your walls. Sew decorative pillows of all shapes and sizes. Use your creativity to put together your own jewelry stand!

TUESDAY – DIY outfit

Put some old fabric to good use. Sew a summer skirt and braid a belt using old T-shirts. Dip Dye beautiful nautical scarves. Don’t forget accessories! Design creative necklaces, bracelets and hair clips with some truly amazing DIY ideas!


Not that we’re ready to go back to school, but it never hurts to be prepared with fabulous supplies. Use washi tape to transform your pencils then we’ll sew recycled fabric pencil cases. With chalkboard paint we’ll create cute notebooks perfect for secret messages (M + R). Learn to DIY nail art as we turn our nails into different school supplies!

THURSDAY – DIY pool party

It’s summer! All I want to do is hang around the pool, in style, of course. Transform a towel into a useable beach bag. Use natural ingredients to make our own bubble solution. Take pool noodles and see how to turn them into pool party wreaths. Take plain sunglasses and bling them out! End the day by making 5 minute ice cream.

FRIDAY – DIY friends

Grab your bestie because today its all about your friends. Twist and braid friendship bracelets to exchange. Design a fabric ribbon board to display all your best friend photos. Take turns giving your BFF a facial. Make a friendship jar with secret positive messages from your friend. Learn to DIY your own pom poms and make a adorable “Best Friend” puppies to keep or give away.

Summer Camp | July 21 – 25

Kids Manii 288

Living the Goodlife

MONDAY – Organic Gardener

Learn about healthy food choices; what organic means and the importance of local food choices. Start your day with a nutritious smoothie. Make a labelled jar with chalkboard paint then DIY some delicious strawberry jam. Take some time to understand how to garden and grow your own food. Paint garden labels and flower pots to plant your own edible garden. Take the herb taste test challenge! Then design your own garden bag with tools to help you keep your garden growing.

TUESDAY – Natural Beauty

Today its all about taking care of yourself in a natural, healthy way. Understand what you’re putting on your skin and learn the proper skin care steps. Mix and mash up natural ingredients you can find at home to make your own DIY facial. Then learn all about make up application as you use our 100% pure products. Make a heavenly scented sugar scrub perfect for a relaxing hand massage and then some polish.


Get going this morning! Start off by working up a sweat with a fun dance routine. Now cool down with stretches and an icy refreshment. Design your own workout gear; fabric paint a tank top and dazzle some sweat bands. Go for a scenic walk outside to get some fresh air and do some skipping. Bead running shoe charms and your own water bottle. End the day by rewarding your tired feet with a pedicure!

THURSDAY – Inner Peace

Get in tune with your inner spirt. Walk in today to find a calming environment. Let your senses take it all in…listen to gentle music, smell therapeutic incense and feel relaxed with a gentle shoulder massage. Bring in your Yoga matt today; we’ll start with some poses and end with some meditation. Learn about mindfulness and mix your own aromatherapy scent. Melt and mold your own candle complete with inspiration dream charm. Create a dream journal and learn about your inner self. Relax at the end of the day as you enjoy a fresh steeped tea and cookies.

FRIDAY – One with Nature

Start the morning with a outdoor stroll. We will talk about things we see in nature and collect pieces for our DIY potpourri jar. Learn about the steps to sketching a landscape and then paint your illustration. Work with plaster to mold an animal sculpture. Design your own wind chimes to hang at home and make organic soap. Learn to make freshly squeezed lemonade and apple crisp.

Summer Camp | July 14-18


Pretty in Pink’s got Talent

MONDAY – On Stage

Are you born to preform? Be a pretty in pink actress today. Play fun improv games and get in character as you act out our practise scenes. Work in groups today to write your own screen play. Once you know your character work on costume design to make you fit the part. Don’t forget about the set! As a group work on building the background to make your play come to life. As a finishing touch work with movie make up to transform. Now your ready; let the show begin!

TUESDAY – On Canvass

Looking for all budding artists. Be inspired by viewing works of famous female painters. Discuss the vivid portraits of Frida Kahlo with her hidden symbolism. Now create your own magical portrait. View the the intense colours of Georgia O’Keefe’s flowers then work with multi-media to make your own masterpiece. Learn about recent female graffiti artist, Maya Hayuk. Be inspired by her bright patterns to design a canvass bag and get unique nail art.

WEDNESDAY – On the Dance Floor

Time to hit the dance floor. Today we’ll do fun dance games and let loose. Look like a star with sparkly nail polish, Eye Kandy glitter and your own DIY body glitter. Get in groups to make up and practise your own dance routine. Design matching group dance tank tops and glitter headbands. Now perform your routine and see what the judges have to say. At the end of the day we’ll let loose with a disco ball dance off!

THURSDAY – In the Band

Time to rock out! Come today for a karaoke party! Make musical instruments; painted maracas and tambourines. Learn about how to write poetry and try your hand at song writing. Design funky rock bracelets for your band. Work in groups to come up with a cool band name and see if you can perform a song together. End the day by making delicious microphone cupcakes.

FRIDAY – In the Kitchen

Want to own your own restaurant? Today your the chef. First design your own pretty in pink apron and paint a wooden spoon. Work in the kitchen to create an entire meal! First make mango rice rolls and guacamole for an appetizer. Next, assemble mini pizzas and learn to create fun shaped veggies. For dessert finish with yummy smores on a stick! Now decide what your restaurant will be as you name it, create a logo and make a fabulous menu.

Summer Camp | July 7 – 11


MONDAY – Selfie

All about you today!! On canvass, learn to draw and paint a self portrait; use magazine clippings to add empowering words to your painting that best describe you! Design your own confidence “I can” jar to inspire you whenever your feeling down. Bead a bracelet with a positive motivation charm. Learn about the importance of a self esteem journal and keeping a positive outlook on life. Mash and Mix an all natural facial mask to feel refreshed and beautiful in your own skin. Then get Eye Candy and make up application so you can walk the pink carpet and take some selfies!!

TUESDAY – Instagram, instafun!

Love taking photos? Today bring in your digital device or use ours to learn some photo 101. Learn about visual merchandising as you make a light box and set up a product shoot. Go through basic photo concepts such as light placement, composition, and design as we stroll around the plaza on a photo shoot. Design your own frame and sew a felt iPhone case. End the day in the photo studio putting on costumes and taking photos.

WEDNESDAY – #prettyinpink

Be part of the pretty in pink team! Learn how to do a sparkle manicure on your bestie. Design your own “Natural, Beautiful, You” T-shirt. Let us pamper you with a pink pedi and you can create your own pair of “pip” logo flip flops. Melt and mold pink sugar exfoliating soaps and staff flower head bands. End the day by doing one of favourite activities…dancing!

THURSDAY – pinterest

What interests you? Start the day by making a collage on your homemade fabric pin board. Get to know yourself as you work to write a short story with you as the main character. Next have our team style your hair then make elegant vintage hair pins to embellish your new do. Sew a charming, patterned cat pin for your jacket and design a pin cushion. End the day with a silly game of “pin the tail on the donkey”… prizes to be won!

FRIDAY – Sweet Tweet

Start the day with some positive thinking as we make a sweet tweet popsicle stick jewelry box. Have our experts give you a sweet scented hand massage with our strawberry ice cream lotion. Create a “twitter” bird house complete with adorable decorative birds. Ice delicious cupcakes and learn to work with fondant to create a bird cupcake topper! End the day with a sweet surprise…a trip down to Lemon Drop!

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