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Day 6 of Spa-Mas ~ Shauna’s Favourite Picks

I love these products because of their PURE values

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As a Co-owner of a Chiropractic and Natural Health Clinic here in Oakville, I think very seriously about how I treat my body, what I put into my body, and as an extension of that, I also take very seriously what I put on it, too!  I love these products because their ‘pure’ values are so aligned with my health goals. It is simply the natural choice for radically healthy beauty.
When I shop I like to invest in quality over quantity – so I really like that Sonia has selected products that are beautifully sourced, but also results driven. You don’t need a lot, when you find what’s right for you.
I can’t live without my Fitglow Vita Active strawberry_rhubarb_dermafoliant
Foundation! Each drop of this pure vegan foundation feels and looks so good throughout the day. I look forward to putting it on my face each morning. It is the definition of radiant, bioactive, botanical beauty.



I absolutely love Éminence Organics Stone Crop Cleansing Oil. Ladies, the time is over for stripping our skin with synthetic suds. At the end of the day, this luscious organic oil whisks away make up and dirt, leaving the natural skin intact and perfectly balanced (never dry or oily). Toxins are removed and nutrients are delivered for a perfectly fresh canvas.




On a cold winter’s night I love to unwind in a bubble bath with a tasty organic red wine and this Éminence Bamboo Age Corrective Mask. The next day I wake up with a luxuriously refreshed face. With a natural retinol alternative and Swiss Green Apple Stem Cells, this masque visibly improves skin elasticity while providing antioxidant complex that prevents cell damage.



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