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Like a Girl – September 19

At Pretty In Pink Spa we feel it is very important that young girls grow up realizing that being a girl is an amazing thing and should never feel anything less than AMAZING and PROUD. Our September event discusses the “Like A Girl” campaign aiming to empower girls as they write positive motivation messages, design a T-shirt with a “GIRL” power poem and of course developing positive friendships with our girl talk session, enjoy delicious snacks and of course Dance like No one is Watching!

Summer Camp | July 14-18


Pretty in Pink’s got Talent

MONDAY – On Stage

Are you born to preform? Be a pretty in pink actress today. Play fun improv games and get in character as you act out our practise scenes. Work in groups today to write your own screen play. Once you know your character work on costume design to make you fit the part. Don’t forget about the set! As a group work on building the background to make your play come to life. As a finishing touch work with movie make up to transform. Now your ready; let the show begin!

TUESDAY – On Canvass

Looking for all budding artists. Be inspired by viewing works of famous female painters. Discuss the vivid portraits of Frida Kahlo with her hidden symbolism. Now create your own magical portrait. View the the intense colours of Georgia O’Keefe’s flowers then work with multi-media to make your own masterpiece. Learn about recent female graffiti artist, Maya Hayuk. Be inspired by her bright patterns to design a canvass bag and get unique nail art.

WEDNESDAY – On the Dance Floor

Time to hit the dance floor. Today we’ll do fun dance games and let loose. Look like a star with sparkly nail polish, Eye Kandy glitter and your own DIY body glitter. Get in groups to make up and practise your own dance routine. Design matching group dance tank tops and glitter headbands. Now perform your routine and see what the judges have to say. At the end of the day we’ll let loose with a disco ball dance off!

THURSDAY – In the Band

Time to rock out! Come today for a karaoke party! Make musical instruments; painted maracas and tambourines. Learn about how to write poetry and try your hand at song writing. Design funky rock bracelets for your band. Work in groups to come up with a cool band name and see if you can perform a song together. End the day by making delicious microphone cupcakes.

FRIDAY – In the Kitchen

Want to own your own restaurant? Today your the chef. First design your own pretty in pink apron and paint a wooden spoon. Work in the kitchen to create an entire meal! First make mango rice rolls and guacamole for an appetizer. Next, assemble mini pizzas and learn to create fun shaped veggies. For dessert finish with yummy smores on a stick! Now decide what your restaurant will be as you name it, create a logo and make a fabulous menu.

Summer Camp | July 7 – 11


MONDAY – Selfie

All about you today!! On canvass, learn to draw and paint a self portrait; use magazine clippings to add empowering words to your painting that best describe you! Design your own confidence “I can” jar to inspire you whenever your feeling down. Bead a bracelet with a positive motivation charm. Learn about the importance of a self esteem journal and keeping a positive outlook on life. Mash and Mix an all natural facial mask to feel refreshed and beautiful in your own skin. Then get Eye Candy and make up application so you can walk the pink carpet and take some selfies!!

TUESDAY – Instagram, instafun!

Love taking photos? Today bring in your digital device or use ours to learn some photo 101. Learn about visual merchandising as you make a light box and set up a product shoot. Go through basic photo concepts such as light placement, composition, and design as we stroll around the plaza on a photo shoot. Design your own frame and sew a felt iPhone case. End the day in the photo studio putting on costumes and taking photos.

WEDNESDAY – #prettyinpink

Be part of the pretty in pink team! Learn how to do a sparkle manicure on your bestie. Design your own “Natural, Beautiful, You” T-shirt. Let us pamper you with a pink pedi and you can create your own pair of “pip” logo flip flops. Melt and mold pink sugar exfoliating soaps and staff flower head bands. End the day by doing one of favourite activities…dancing!

THURSDAY – pinterest

What interests you? Start the day by making a collage on your homemade fabric pin board. Get to know yourself as you work to write a short story with you as the main character. Next have our team style your hair then make elegant vintage hair pins to embellish your new do. Sew a charming, patterned cat pin for your jacket and design a pin cushion. End the day with a silly game of “pin the tail on the donkey”… prizes to be won!

FRIDAY – Sweet Tweet

Start the day with some positive thinking as we make a sweet tweet popsicle stick jewelry box. Have our experts give you a sweet scented hand massage with our strawberry ice cream lotion. Create a “twitter” bird house complete with adorable decorative birds. Ice delicious cupcakes and learn to work with fondant to create a bird cupcake topper! End the day with a sweet surprise…a trip down to Lemon Drop!

Pretty in Pink Spa March Break Camps

March Break Camp
March 10 – 14, 2014

Pretty in Pink Spa March Break CampIt’s been a long cold winter and we all deserve a break. That’s why we have designed an exceptional week filled with different themes each day to inspire creativity and passion. Come see what March Break at Pretty in Pink is all about!
MONDAY: Starting the week off in true Gleek-style, girls will dance, sing and create music videos all while enjoying all natural V.I.P. beauty treatments.

TUESDAY: Pretty in Pink is dedicated to providing young girls with life skills that will help them develop into strong and independent young ladies, so Tuesday will be dedicated to helping them find their pinkpreneur. We will talk about the benefits of being an entrepreneur and the girls will create their own line of beauty products. To end the tough day at the “office,” our girls will be treated to a relaxing manicure and pedicure.

WEDNESDAY: The fashionistas of the group will absolutely LOVE Wednesday when they get the chance to create their own Project Runway fashions. Our girls will end the day sharing their creations on the Pink Carpet! Say cheese!

THURSDAY (a.k.a. Makeover Day): Our Beautiful, Natural, You day is all about teaching girls how to take care of their skin. We will touch upon the importance of skin care and learn some home DIY skin care tips. Our girls will end the day experimenting with make-up as they learn some dos and don’ts from our very own team of experts. They will leave looking their absolute best (might be the perfect time for a date night with your child)!

FRIDAY: We end the week on a creative note with a blast of PINK! Friday is all about creating vision boards, canvas artwork, pink bath bombs, pink purses and pink daily inspiration journals.

This is definitely a week that the young girl in your life won’t soon forget. Treat them to the Pretty in Pink Spa Experience and leave the planning to us!

March 10-14, 2014 | 10am-4pm | $60 per day or $275 full week (prepaid)

5% sibling discount. Before & aftercare available. Spaces are limited
Campers will experience daily fun filled themed events showing off their creativity. Our camp includes crafts, spa services, healthy snacks & beverages!

EverythingMom.com | Pre-Teen Party Planning Made Easy


Written by Carrie Anne

Pretty in Pink Spa Makes Pre-Teen Party Planning Easy

We’ve been fortunate enough in the past to convince the kids to travel for birthdays instead of hosting a party. The reason is purely selfish on my part. The thought of planning, organizing, preparing, and running a birthday party with a lot of kids starts to stress me out before the process even begins.

Will everyone invited actually attend?
Will different friend groups get along or will I have to deal with someone else’s “drama”?
How am I going to get the house all tidied before everyone shows up?
Will I have enough food? Will they eat the food?
Can I keep everyone entertained?

Oh the list goes on. But my oldest insisted on having a party with her friends this year and it seemed silly to argue with her about my personal worries.  The challenge of course was finding a party venue that made my not-so-little girl happy without causing me anxiety to put it together.

Pretty in Pink Spa Makes Pre-Teen Party Planning Easy

Enter the Pretty in Pink Spa in Oakville an all-natural spa and retail outlet that caters specifically to the pre-teen girl. Speaking with spa owner Sonia about my party planning concerns, she concurred with my fears. It seems Sonia, like many moms, has dealt with many of the same worries. Pretty in Pink Spa actually emerged as the result of having gone through this same party planning stress herself. I was intrigued with the concept behind Pretty in Pink, both the natural beauty products used as well as the stress-free nature of their parties so I booked a party and here’s how they did against my past party planning concerns:

Does the theme appeal to pre-teens?
I don’t think my daughter is alone when it comes to her joy for pampering. She loves the idea of going to the spa as long as it is not geared to the preschool set. The fact that my daughter and the girls she invited talked about and planned for the event every day until the party date confirmed that the Pretty in Pink Spa party was a good choice.

Who handles the invitations?
It’s a little thing but it’s one more element when planning the party, creating invitations. Pretty in Pink provided cute little invites that we could fill out and give to the girls attending. I believe their plan is to one day add an online invitation option but my daughter loved hand delivering her special announcement. The invites are so much nicer than those printable ones you find online, again adding to the sophistication of the party, which my daughter loved.

Pretty in Pink Spa Makes Pre-Teen Party Planning Easy

Do I have to handle the food?
Most off-site party packages include the standard option of pizza. Neither I nor my daughter are huge fans of pizza, bad pizza, so I was thrilled that the Pretty in Pink Spa party packages included not only unlimited pink lemonade (so much nicer than pop) but also a choice of fresh gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches or an assortment of tea sandwiches. Of course a grown-up spa party required tea sandwiches. They looked so lovely on the tray with fruit and the girls savoured them. The best part is that I didn’t have to do anything – no ordering through another company or transporting them to the party – the sandwiches were there and ready when it was time to eat.

spaparty preteen allergyfood

Don’t forget the cake?
No party is complete without cake but at the Pretty in Pink Spa the girls are served delightfully delicious individual cupcakes. You could choose your flavour during the planning process. I like cupcakes because there’s no worry about cutting slices or someone getting a bigger or smaller slice but Pretty in Pink Spa can substitute with a cake if you prefer. Whether you go cake or cupcakes you don’t have to worry about ordering it, picking it up or even transporting it to the party because Pretty in Pink Spa has it all covered.

Pretty in Pink Spa Makes Pre-Teen Party Planning Easy

Will the girls be entertained?
We’ve done the off-site party idea but I always seemed to be involved in the party running elements. The host facility gives you use of their space and perhaps guidance for the activity but beyond that you were on your own. I didn’t feel that need to insert myself during my daughter’s Pretty in Pink Spa party. I think it helped that there were two ladies running the party. They made sure the girls’ drink glasses were always filled. They offered them pre-teen magazines to read as they waited their turn to get their nails done. They staggered party elements so everyone was doing something. They talked to them and played party games. I just sat back and watched my daughter and her friends soak-up every spa-loving moment.

Pretty in Pink Spa Makes Pre-Teen Party Planning Easy

How are allergies addressed?
Pretty in Pink Spa owner Sonia has personally dealt with the issues surrounding allergies and parties. Her philosophy is that no child should feel excluded or different from the other party guests. With that in mind, the Pretty in Pink Spa will work with you and your allergy needs when it comes to the food being offered. The fact that all the products used during a Pretty in Pink Spa party are all natural is also comforting. Although none of our guests had allergy issues, knowing that the spa could work with me was a huge stress off of my shoulders.

Pretty in Pink Spa Makes Pre-Teen Party Planning Easy

What about loot bags?
Oh the loot bag question. Do you? Don’t you? I struggle with this idea too. Attending and enjoying the party experience should be enough of a gift for the girls in my opinion but Pretty in Pink Spa does offer some added treats in their party packages. During the pink carpet walk spa staff will take a photo of each child that they can take home as a remembrance from their party. I thought this was a lovely treat. The party girls also gets a group shot which is a nice way to remember the fun the kids had together. Some party packages, like the Pretty In Pink package we booked, includes a spa craft. My daughter decided from the four different craft ideas to make a body scrub. The kids loved learning how easy it was to make their own scrub and at the end they each had a lovely container to take home.

Pretty in Pink Spa Makes Pre-Teen Party Planning Easy

If you’re looking for a more definitive loot bag to give the girls, Pretty in Pink Spa has a whole storefront of goodies that would work, from lip balm to bracelets. You can create your own or have the ladies at Pretty in Pink put one together for you.

Did I need a nap at the end of the party?
I know parties are supposed to be fun and a celebration for the kids but often or not as the host I find them stressful and exhausting. Although we couldn’t avoid a few attendee hiccups, the overall party process at Pretty in Pink Spa was pretty stress free, from the planning process to the actual party day. The ladies running the party were amazing, talking to my daughter and her friends about make-up and taking care of their skin. They were treated like the maturing girls they are and they seemed to relish in that role. Pretty in Pink Spa also offers a Photo Shoot DVD of the party for an extra fee but it is so worth it. Instead of running around snapping pictures of the moment I could actually be part of what was going on. It was a lovely way to celebrate my daughter’s birthday plus we now how a beautiful DVD of the event as a great keepsake.

Pretty in Pink Spa Makes Pre-Teen Party Planning Easy

So for someone who isn’t a fan of planning and running parties, Pretty in Pink Spa has won me over. But no matter how happy I am as the mom, having a party that delivers on my preteen’s dreams is the most important part. Checkout what our Junior Style Blogger had to say about her spa party experience at Pretty in Pink Spa.

Thanks to the folks at Pretty in Pink Spa for hosting our spa party and demonstrating that not all birthday parties have to be hard work.

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