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Pretty In Pink Spa Studio™ Brings Holiday Cheer to patients at The Hospital for Sick Children

Toronto, December 20, 2013 – Clinic visits and hospital stays can be a challenge for any child, but more so during the holiday season. This week, Pretty in Pink Spa Studio helped bring a little holiday cheer to The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), working with the Child Life team to brighten up the morning for a few young patients and their families. Child Life programs help promote a positive hospital experience for children through the coordination of activities and entertainment for patients and their families.

“We wanted to create a meaningful bonding experience for these patients and their families – to bring some pre-holiday excitement and relaxation their way,” says Sonia Imerti, Pretty in Pink founder and mother of two. “The morning turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences to date for us. It was deeply inspiring to be a part of these girls’ lives for just one day. Seeing their smiles and knowing that we had something to do with that, was priceless.”

As part of their ongoing community ‘give-back’ programming, Sonia and the Pretty in Pink Spa team collaborated with Child Life Specialists at SickKids to bring some of the Spa’s exclusive services, entertaining programming, positive energy and spirit of well-being to these young patients and their families. Pretty in Pink staff treated Melanie, age 10, Tori, age 17 and Christina, who celebrated her 14th birthday on that day, to mini manicures and facials, engaging with them through crafts and themed activities focused on the spirit of the season.

From making personal keepsake organic peppermint lip balms to indulging in warm organic dark chocolate facials, the girls’ smiles and laughter spoke volumes – the morning was about having fun, singing and swapping stories with their new friends.

For Sonia and her team, the morning event was much more than just about providing spa services to the girls. It was about the time they got to spend with some SickKids patients making them happy just with their presence, getting down to their level to laugh with them and encouraging everyone in the room to let their inner child out to play.

 Pretty in Pink Spa Studio is an award-winning all-natural spa for young girls – and the important women in their lives. A champion of empowerment through healthy, natural living, the Spa is leading the charge in the development of a more holistic approach to personal care for girls and women. Sonia Imerti is actively involved in the GTA and surrounding community and is committed to giving back through multiple endeavours and events that contribute to the success and well-being of girls and women. Pretty in Pink Spa Studio is located at 1011 Upper Middle Road East. Visit www.prettyinpinkspa.com or call 905-842-7465 for more information.

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Sonia Imerti
Pretty in Pink Spa Studio

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