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Written by Verity

My Style. Natural Spa Party

I love to get my nails done and to be pampered at a spa but most spas are for older older people or little kids. I am neither. Pretty in Pink Spa is just for me, where teens and preteen girls can get pampered. They can even host a bunch of friends for a spa birthday party so that is what I did this past week.

 Each spa party package covers six people plus you can add extra people for a fee. I really like the idea of having a small party, like having a few friends together for a sleepover, so I only invited three of my good friends plus my little sister.

My mom drove us all to Pretty in Pink Spa and we were all super excited when we saw the pink awning of the spa from the parking lot. Inside we were greeted by spa owner Sonia along with the two other girls who were going to pamper us during our two-hour visit. The spa is located at the back of the store It is pretty big.

prettyinpinkspa robe

After taking our coats we were welcomed into the spa area with a fuzzy pink robe for each of us and a very tasty drink, I liked that the drinks were served in Champaign glasses and not paper cups or boring plastic glasses; this made me feel very grown-up. Each glass had a cute flower charm so we could tell our glasses apart when they were on the table.

prettyinpinkspa drink3

The first thing we did was to get a manicure. The tables were a perfect size and the bench had all sorts of pillows to make sitting comfortable. They had a big selection of nail polish colours to choose from: pinks, greens, blues, purples, reds, and even yellows. They even offered a sparkly top coat which looked fabulous over the colour. My friends all choose different fun colours. The best part is the polish Pretty in Pink Spa uses, Orly, is non-toxic but you would never guess from looking at my nails.

prettyinpinkspa manicure nails2

prettyinpinkspa manicure nails

When our nails were all done we moved to a bigger table for some DIY chocolate facials. I think this is an extra you can add to your party package and I recommend adding it. The facial is made with real dark chocolate. Yum. And yes you could taste it. We all tasted it before painting it on. This is where we got a little crazy. Using paintbrushes we painted chocolate on our faces. Some of us got a little crazy.

prettyinpinkspa chocolate facial

prettyinpinkspa facial group

After washing up we then made our own personal body scrubs. You could  also make a lip balm or a solid  perfume stick but I thought everyone would love the scrub. It was super fun. We got to mix it and pour in the ingredients into our little bottles and after we were done that we could chose our scent: vanilla bean, Icing, or bubble gum. I chose vanilla bean.

prettyinpinkspa diybodyscrub

Then we were called up one by one to get our make-up done. They added a little sparkle eye colour. They said it was the same make-up they use for Dancing With the Stars. I got blue sparkles.

prettyinpinkspa Makeup

Then we all strut our stuff on the pink carpet with a boa and a sequin hats. On the runway they took lots of pictures including a group shot. Everyone was given a photo of themselves and a group shot to take home.

prettyinpinkspa redcarpet

The very last thing we did was to eat tea sandwiches (chicken wrap, cucumber and cream cheese, and ham and cheese) with some fruit and chips. Then the ladies from Pretty and Pink Spa brought out a platter of lovely pink cupcakes with a candle for me to blow out and everyone got one.

prettyinpinkspa birthday cupcake

I loved the Pretty in Pink Spa party. I got to hangout and talk with my frends and get pampered. I think this is a great way to celibrate your birthday. Its lots of fun and you can spend time with your BFFS. The ladies at Pretty in Pink were fun and didn’t treat us like little kids. My friends thought that this was lots of fun and they are already planning their next visit.

Parents Canada | Time for some mother-daughter bonding at the spa


Ultimate Bliss Day

Ultimate Bliss Day

Time for some mother-daughter bonding at the spa

By Janice Biehn on October, 28 2013

As your daughter becomes a teenager, you might find that connecting with her is harder to do: harder to find the time, harder to relate.

A visit to Pretty in Pink spa studio in Oakville may be just what the esthetician ordered. Featuring only organic products and a kid-friendly vibe, Pretty in Pink has all the ingredients to bring you and your daughter together. For more on bonding with teens, read my blog.

The spa is the brainchild of Sonia Imerti, who launched the business when her daughter, then age five, was turned away from a spa that Sonia was visiting with a bridal party. “I was stuck,” she says. “I had to keep her with me. I convinced the spa to let her stay but we had to pay adult prices.” Ouch.

Fast-forward three years and Sonia’s spa is bubbling over with gorgeous little soaps and scrubs and all-natural beauty products. But the spa itself boasts a sophistication and style that is not babyish, making it perfect for tweens and teens. And in fact the moms, too. “I started doing just the parties for girls and their moms would say, ‘What about us?’ They wanted to have fun too!”

There are two large spaces for birthday parties or group functions, and one treatment room. At our side-by-side facial, my daughter Gabbie and I enjoyed facials that were customized to our skin type (which it turns out is pretty much the same). Our facialist, Lucy, gave both of us useful information and tips for how to take care of our skin. This kind of professional advice is invaluable for moms whose daughters don’t always listen to them, but who will gladly take someone else’s advice.

Sonia runs monthly events for girls in the area. They are focussed on health and wellness and include snacks and a craft activity. I liked how the atmosphere was comfortable and pretty, but not cloyingly so. Not too girly, as it were, but just enough to make you feel like a girl.

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