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Summer Camp | July 28 – August 1

Pretty in Pink Spa March Break CampDIY Girl


Make your space truly yours with todays crafty projects. Start by making yarn chandeliers; use yarn and fabric stiffner to create these cute shades perfect to fit over string lights. Design a canvass with your initials; perfect to hang on your walls. Sew decorative pillows of all shapes and sizes. Use your creativity to put together your own jewelry stand!

TUESDAY – DIY outfit

Put some old fabric to good use. Sew a summer skirt and braid a belt using old T-shirts. Dip Dye beautiful nautical scarves. Don’t forget accessories! Design creative necklaces, bracelets and hair clips with some truly amazing DIY ideas!


Not that we’re ready to go back to school, but it never hurts to be prepared with fabulous supplies. Use washi tape to transform your pencils then we’ll sew recycled fabric pencil cases. With chalkboard paint we’ll create cute notebooks perfect for secret messages (M + R). Learn to DIY nail art as we turn our nails into different school supplies!

THURSDAY – DIY pool party

It’s summer! All I want to do is hang around the pool, in style, of course. Transform a towel into a useable beach bag. Use natural ingredients to make our own bubble solution. Take pool noodles and see how to turn them into pool party wreaths. Take plain sunglasses and bling them out! End the day by making 5 minute ice cream.

FRIDAY – DIY friends

Grab your bestie because today its all about your friends. Twist and braid friendship bracelets to exchange. Design a fabric ribbon board to display all your best friend photos. Take turns giving your BFF a facial. Make a friendship jar with secret positive messages from your friend. Learn to DIY your own pom poms and make a adorable “Best Friend” puppies to keep or give away.

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