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What Really Causes Wrinkles?


Detox  ~ Renew   ~ Infuse

Spring has sprung, the grass has rise, I wonder how my skin is?   Spring seems to bring with it, thoughts of fresh air, new beginnings, and environmental awareness.  As we prepare to start thinking about Earth Day and the part we play in the environment,  it leaves us aware and thinking about the amount of  pollutants that we are exposing ourselves.   On a daily basis and the effects that those pollutants are playing on the health of our skin is incredible.

You’ve probably heard of, or maybe even enjoyed eating Microgreens in your salads.   They are tiny superfood seedlings harvested early for their high antioxidant content.  Not only are they delicious, they are incredibly good for our skin.  Éminence Organics newly launched Detoxifying Microgreens Complex Products contain twice the amount of Vitamin C found in tomatoes.  The powerful antioxidant blend of Broccoli, Radish and Clover Sprouts helps to protect us from free radicals and the effects of pollution.  Another key component of the Microgreen Collection is an ingredient found in Swiss Cress Sprouts known as Detoxophane.  This powerful sprout protects our skin from oxidative damage and visible signs of aging.  It also activates enzymes in the skin that naturally detox the complexion by ridding ‘old’ skin cells while at the same time enhancing the resistance of skin cells against environmental  pollutants.  Every day we are exposed to more and more pollutants in the environment, which take a toll on our complexions.

We know that airborne particles directly stress the skin, which causes wrinkles and premature aging.  Which we know no one wants! The Microgreen Detox  Collection truly is your Anti-Pollution Solution and gentle enough for all to use on a daily basis.

We now know that airborne particles directly stress the skin, causing wrinkles and premature aging.

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The New Microgreens  Detox Collection by Éminence nourishes, protects and repairs our skin while helping shield it from further damage against everyday environmental toxins and pollutants.  Your skin will feel absolutely amazing after just a few days using this 3 Step Microgreens Collection.
The Stone Crop Cleansing Oil infused with Microgreens, sunflower and jojoba oils will help to restore balance any impurities in your skin.  Leaving your skin feeling dewy and soft after use without leaving a greasy feel.   We loved how this product really removed our make up  and is great for all skin types.  One pump is all you need.

After cleansing brighten and invigorate your skin with light fizzing action while gently removing impurities.   Get that youthful glow with the Eminence_Organic_Microgreens_Detox_Stone_Crop_Fizzofoliant_cab37bab-c35d-4fed-95f9-ffaa5b3406d3_largeinnovative oxygenation powder to foam Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant.  It gently exfoliates and helps to heal redness and stimulates collagen.  Leaving your skin feeling soft and invigorated, gentle enough you’ll want to use it every day!
Lastly the Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment, wake up with the softest skin and a radiant glow.  While you sleep the Lotus Detoxifying Overnight treatment helps your skin detoxify and strengthen.  Lightly massage the gel cream wit
h melt-in jojoba oil beads and nutrient-rich Microgreens into your skin as you sleep it supercharges, repairs, all while helping to prevent water loss.   Leaving you with a dewy radiant complexion and smells heavenly.
We are absolutely loving the new Microgreens  Detox Collection and so do our clients. We are excited to share with you our FREE gift with purchase offer (while supplies last).  Purchase any two retail sized products from the Microgreens Detox Collection and receive a 1oz Stone
Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant for FREE.  Please note this item will automatically be added to your order of two products from the Microgreens Collection.


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