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Day 12 of Spa-Mas ~ Sonia’s Favourite Picks

When people comment on your skin, you know something is working.

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When it came to choosing my favourite products this year I struggled because I have SO many favourites, its hard to narrow it down to just a few.
Throughout the year I have added a few new products to my skincare routine as I am starting to notice my skin changing. Éminence Organics Marine Flower Peptide Serum has been a total game changer. It all started when we had our training on this wonderful new product. To be honest, I was blown away. I love the texture of the serum as it easily absorbs into my skin. I have also noticed drastic differences in my skin, to the point where even our Holistic Aesthetician Archana noticed a difference during facials. I have also had people ask me what I have been doing differently. When people say that you know something is working!
Another product that I love is Éminence Organics Marine
Flower Peptide Eye Cream. Similar to the serum, I have seen amazing results since starting to use the eye cream. The eye cream features a Smart Collagen Complex that helps your cells produce their own collagen with the use of peptides. This allows for hydrated, firmer skin. I have noticed smoother lines, diminished fines lines and overall smoother skin so my concealer goes on flawlessly!

Little Box of Rocks is new to the store and I absolutely love them. The creator, a fellow female entrepreneur (who I absolutely love to support) started this small business out of a love for crystals and their healing properties.  As a certified crystal healer, you can understand how I think this is the perfect gift idea and the perfect fit for our retail boutique.  Clients have been loving them.  It is a gift that says it all especially for that person that you’re not sure what to get them. Whether it be a girlfriend going through health issues or you just want to say thank you to someone, this gift is truly “the bouquet that lives forever”. I love that white sage is included in the Housewarming box to clear the energies in a new home, and that each of the boxes include clear quartz which is a universal stone to amplify the healing benefits associated with the crystals.



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