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5 days/5 reasons to love Pretty in Pink March Break Camp

Oakville March Break Camp Spa GirlsMarch Break is fast approaching; with all this winter weather Pretty in Pink is flying south. Join us for some tropical release as we celebrate “Birds of Paradise”
All Pretty in Pink camps are about being a more confident, natural you! We aim to inspire young girls with positive interactions. Each camp entices creativity, empowers healthy choices with themed snacks, physical activity and chemical free spa services and of course is a whole lot of fun.


It's time for March Break Camp

Pretty in Pink Spa Halloween Party

1. MONDAY: Pretty in Pink Flamingo

Creative: Paint design on a flamingo lawn ornament
Food Fun: Strawberry Daiquiri mocktails and pink cotton candy
Creative: Pink raffia necklace design
Movement: Learn to play croquet
At the Spa: Sparkly pink flamingo manicures

2. TUESDAY: My Macaw Mardi Gras

open quoteclose quoteMarch Break Camps are a creative, fun experience!
Creative: Mardi gras bead parrot mosaic
Food Fun: Tropical fruit display with crackers & cheese
Creative: Sew an adorable parrot stuffy
Movement: Mardi gras dance party and fun games
At the Spa: Hair braiding & styling with feathers and beads.

3. WEDNESDAY: Pretty as a Peacock

Creative: Peacock sequin, feather headband
Food Fun: Make a peacock out of fruit
Creative: Sculpt polymer clay friendship charms
Movement: Runway fun and Peacock strut
At the Spa: Peacock blue & green eye glitter
At the Spa: DIY papaya facials

4. THURSDAY: Birds of a feather

Creative: Pattern design and paint feathers
Food Fun: Pretzel feathers dipped in coloured chocolate
Creative: BFF Frame with your designer feathers
Movement: Karaoke tropical party
At the Spa: Mango hand massage.

5. FRIDAY: Toucan Dance Party

Creative: Toucan plaster mask
Food Fun: Umbrella drinks and fruit loop marshmallow squares
Creative: Mix mango and coconut sugar scrub
Movement: Dance games, dance performances and last day fun

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