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Serums~The Real Game Changers

The Game Changer

We all know the importance of cleansing and moisturizing our skin daily but if you’re really looking to rid your skin of the signs of aging, even your tone, brighten, firm or reduce fine lines and dark spots you’ve got to up the ante. Serums add ALL of the powerful extras that our complexions need.

Why use a Serum?

They deliver potent benefits directly to the skin, correcting concerns, nourishing the skin and boosting hydration.

“Using serums is like taking supplements, but for your face. Serums penetrate on a much deeper level to deliver active ingredients into your skin. They contain the most potent dose of anti-aging ingredients that your skin absorbs quickly and deeply”.
– Archana~Lead Holistic Aesthetician at Pretty in Pink Spa.

Serums are The Real Game Changers

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Serums are the real game changers! The benefit of serums are the highly concentrated active ingredients that penetrate deeper into the skin. The density of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and hydrators give your skin a fresher, younger and healthier appearance. Many serums include ingredients like Vitamin C and grape seed extract that help protect against possible sun damage. They fight the damaging free radicals that are responsible for much of what we perceive as skin aging, including fine lines. The inclusion of amino acids and essential fatty acids strengthen the skin’s barrier and help build strong cell membranes. The purpose of these is to replenish naturally occurring skin lipids, improving moisture retention and protecting skin from the environment.

Are you ready to rewind the clock 15 years and be able to leave the house with little to no make up? Forget the chemical peels, what you need is a serum! It’s common sense really, when you think about it! The less impurities you feel you need to cover up with make-up , the less you will have to use and eventually, you can pick and choose when you want to wear it.

Now that you are about to jump in your car and visit us, you might be asking yourself, ‘How do I use a serum?’

For maximum benefit you should use a serum morning and night. But if once a day is what you prefer, apply it in the evening. While we sleep is when the skin repairs itself.

Step 1 ~ Cleanse your face
Step 2 ~ Exfoliate
Step 3 ~ Tone
Step 4 ~ Serum
Step 5~ Moisturize (if you want you can add a few drops of serum to your moisturizer)

Once you experience the clarifying, hydrating and age-defying benefits of adding a serum to your daily routine you will know why we call it the superstar of skincare!

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