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What Has Your Soap Done For You Lately…

You probably wish it did a bit more than it’s basic function, right? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could wake up in the morning and literally breathe in and feel the energy frequency that you are on… while you shower?

Not sure what that means?
Let us ask you this: do you have mornings when you wake up jump in the shower and you just feel completely rejuvenated? Some might say its feeling of Bright’n Feisty .

Wouldn’t it be nice to carry that feeling on your body all day?

How about at the end of a long day when you wish you could find a quiet  Grove to sit in and find your balance again?

What if we told you that there is a soap that will help you feel all of this, would you ditch the current soap in your shower? We think, yes!

GroundSoap~ A Canadian company committed to helping people make healthy choices in caring for their skin

Pretty in Pink Spa Halloween Party

We are so excited to share with you a NEW product that we have just started to carry here at Pretty In Pink Spa in our retail boutique.  We have sourced and found a Canadian Company that makes ground organic soap, scented using only essential oils.  Not only are the names of the bars of soap fun and inviting,  the health benefits of the essential oils leave you feeling refreshed, and recharged (and they smell amazing!)

What makes Ground Soap so Awesome? 

They use nothing but pure and natural vegetable ingredients, and certified organic ingredients.  The essentials oils that they use are natural, which means that their soaps are good for those who are sensitive to scent and or have sensitive skin.

One of the things that we really liked about this soap is that the essential oils that Ground Soap have used have key healing and health benefits.

If you’re feeling fatigue, frigidity exhaustion and stressed,  it’s time to unwind & relax.  The AUM soap is known as the meditation soap.  Scented with Patchouli from the Far East.  Patchoili has the healing properties for those with acne, cellulite, chapped skin, dandruff, dermatitis, eczema, mature skin,and oily skin.  The perfect soap to just take a few moments to Breathe deeply and just let your mind wander.

Lemme_grandeIf you are on the dry side, we’ve got the LemmeBee Your Honey .  This is the perfect soap for moisturizing dry skin with soothing oatmeal as a natural skin toner, while it gently exfoliates the skin.   While the generous portions of Honey and Shea butter lather and moisturize the skin.  Did you know that Honey was used as an ancient remedy for treatment of infected wounds.  This is the perfect soap for both men and women and smells so good you’ll want to take a bite out of this one!

While many of us have chronic skin issues, it can be our skincare products that we are using on ourselves that can be an irritant to the skin.   Ground Soap takes pride in knowing that the ingredients they use are safe from exposure to things like carcinogens, and parabens.  There products provide healthy and natural alternatives, once you give them a try you are going to love their soaps as much as we do!

While we’ve shared  our excitement for Ground Soap bars now available online at Pretty In Pink Spa and  in our retail boutique, we hope once you’ve tried one you will be just as excited about them as we are.

Happy Lathering!

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