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How To Stay Warm This Winter

Cozy up and stay warm this Winter!

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Let’s face it, the weatherman can tell us a hundred times that we are going to have a harsh winter but do we want to listen? Nope. Now here we are, 6 weeks into winter,  20-something days into the -20 degree weather, freezing our socks off, still hoping the the weather person was lying.
In the meantime, here are 5 ways to stay warm this winter:

1. Dress Appropriately

 Layers are important in this weather both inside and outside. If you feel chilly inside your house, put another sweater or blanket on. It is easier and more eco-friendly to warm your body temperature than it is to raise the temperature of the entire house. In terms of outside, make sure you wear the full garb: hat, mittens/gloves, scarf, and anything else that is going to keep you toasty.

2. Bake some cookies
Using your oven warms up your house ever so slightly. So the more you use it, the warmer your house will be. As if we needed an excuse for more baked goods, right?

3. Eat enough (and the right kinds) of food

Being well nourished is very important in the colder weather. Think of it as keeping a fire alive, you have to keep adding logs to it to keep it going. The more fuel that our body has to burn, the warmer it will be.

4. Make some soup

Batch cooking some vegetable soup at the beginning of the week will mean you always have a warming, nourishing bowl of goodness and warmth available to you whenever you would like some. TIP: soup freezes well too so you can make a whole bunch and store it in the fridge or freezer.

5. Move your body

Movement of any kind stimulates blood flow. Increased blood flow means warmth! Try doing some jumping jacks, running in one spot, or if you’re feeling extra ambitious, some burpees!
This cold weather doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere so I think it’s time that we embrace it and make the very best out of it….under a few layers of blankets and some hot cocoa!
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