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The Original Makeup Eraser is Amazing

Don’t you just hate at the end of a long day and night out going home and having to scrub off all your makeup before bed? Us  too…We found a solution to that! The quick and easy MakeUp Eraser! The MakeUp Eraser is a fast and simple three step solution to removing all my makeup, dirt and bacteria built up over the day. The MakeUp Eraser is designed for the “on the run” person, after a tiring late night out, a teen just starting to wear makeup and anyone who loves simplicity and convenience. The MakeUp Eraser is a gentle cloth that wipes away all your makeup with only water, and the other side is designed to gently exfoliate the skin.


3 Simple Steps:

Step One: Wash the cloth before use (it’s as simple as tossing the cloth in the laundry). The wash instructions are on the tag of the cloth.
Step Two: Wet a portion of MakeUp Eraser with warm water.
Step Three: Easily rub off makeup in a circular motion then flip Eraser on long nap side for a gentle exfoliation.
The hand sown cloth is made with such small fibres, guaranteeing no bacteria can get in.The MakeUp Eraser comes in fun colours too like pink, black and baby blue! The MakeUp Eraser is our go to top product since using it. Try it for yourself and experience the effortless work of whipping off all your makeup without spending all the time, effort and money on disposable face clothes.


 Watch the Video Demo and See how amazing this product is : Video
Purchase Your Makeup Eraser online at Pretty In Pink Spa and see the amazing results for yourself!




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