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The Importance of Relaxation

Relaxation...its good for your overall health

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It seems these days we are always on the go. We’ve got to go to work, the grocery store, get the kids, take them to practice, go to their games, get to the gym, cook dinner, prepare lunches, the list goes on and on. It almost seems selfish to think that we deserve to relax.
Well I am telling you, you deserve to relax and here is why: Stress can lead to a whole bunch of different health problems. 
 Our bodies were not designed to be as stressed as they are these days. Think about it, the only time our caveman ancestors were stressed out is when they were threatened by a predator. Their bodies would enter “fight or flight” mode, meaning their normal organ systems were shut off as adrenaline spiked to get them out of the stressful situation. Once they found safety, the stress response would turn off and all would go back to normal. This is not the case these days. Since we are always so stressed out, our bodies never fully come out of this “fight or flight” mode which compromises our digestive system, our detoxification functions, as well as our immunity. When our body is busy trying to get itself out of the “stressful” situation, it doesn’t have time to fight off the flu or even the common cold!
Stress can cause:
  • depression/anxiety
  • acne
  • wrinkles/fine lines
  • stroke
  • high blood pressure
  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • many others
Have I convinced you yet?
Here are 5 ways to start incorporating more relaxation into your life:
  1. Have a hot bath at the end of the day with some epsom salts, a candle and maybe even a glass of wine!
  2. Go for a massage. Release the tension that has built up in your muscles.
  3. Sip a cup of herbal tea.
  4. Meditate. Use an app such as Insight Timer if you need some guidance.
  5. Aromatherapy. Put a few drops of some lavender essential oil into a diffuser and feel the stress melt away!
Taking some time for relaxation is not only the least selfish thing you could do for yourself, it is also going to help you be your best self.
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