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Day 3 of Spa-Mas – Karin’s Favourite Picks

I can’t live without my Bliss Oil

Pretty in Pink Spa Halloween Party

I would definitely recommend FITGLOW BEAUTY’S BLISS OIL to everyone! When you start using something and realize you can’t live without it, you know it’s a keeper! Wbliss-oilith the colder weather my skin feels dry, tight and lacklustre. This non-greasy oil gives you instant hydration. I like to mix a drop or two with my moisturizer, FITGLOW’S SUPER C CREAM, both morning and night, which leaves my skin feeling soft. Loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, this powerhouse duo has resulted in such a transformation that people have actually been stopping me to compliment my dewy glow. I have fallen deeply in love, this product is BLISS!

I am all about a quick and easy facial routine. I love FitGlow Vita Active Cleanser face wash because it cleanses and removes your make-up in one easy step (which others claim to do but often fall short)! It doesn’t dry out skin with that tightening feel and hasvita-cleanser Organic Botanical extracts with Vitamin C to provide nutrients. The bonus is a beautiful fresh scent that preps my skin before using the bliss oil and moisturizer. My teenaged daughter is hooked on the bliss oil and it makes me feel good knowing that young girls are becoming more aware of what they use on their face.


For ages, I’ve been on the hunt for a good mascara! The latest trend I keep hearing about are eyelash extensions.
While all of us girls dream of having naturally thick lashes, I was adamant about finding an mascaraalternative that wouldn’t cause breakage or exposure to unnecessary toxins. To achieve the drama of a black, fuller lash line, I love using FitGlow’s Good Lash Mascara. For some added TLC, this product is loaded with olive and Seabuckthorn oil, which conditions for maximum growth and is non irritating for my sensitive eyes. It looks just as great after a long work day as it did in the morning. I encourage you to try this product, you won’t be disappointed!




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