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Day One of SpaMas~Darlene’s Favourite Picks

I don't leave the house without sun defense on my skin ever

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Rosehip Triple C + E Oil is an essential product for me that

I use day and night. I have sensitive, dehydrated skin and
facing the signs of aging. I am hooked on this product as it is a fantastic blend of advanced actives for the skin that address wrinkles and hydration, without being overly oily. Within minutes of application, it is absorbed into my skin and I can apply my make-up right over top. I always get compliments! It has high amounts of vitamin C and E which helps improve the tone of my skin and Seabuckthorn Oil, which is a hot ingredient that helps with elasticity and hydration. Did I mention that it also smells organically delicious?

Citrus and Kale C+E Serum 
is my defence system against the things I cannot see but know are damaging my skin. Everybody can use this to protect themselves from advanced aging. It’s a must have
all year long and an investment that I know I will be thankful for in years to come!
Vitamin C brightens the complexion and vitamin E lightens marks over time. The leafy greens present in this serum supply me with just as many nutrients as when I eat them.  Vitamin C serums are a must for all skin types as part of your daily skin care regime. Ladies please make sure you are incorporating a
Vitamin C serum in your daily regime.  It’s really a MUST!
The importance of Vitamin C by Darlene Maillet @ Pretty In Pink Spa
The importance of Vitamin C by Darlene Maillet @ Pretty In Pink Spa
I cannot leave my house without Sun Defence Minerals on my face…ever! This handy brush that dispenses SPF 3

0 minerals on to my skin and gives me the protection that I need, in all seasons. I love that it is non-pore clogging and does not accentuate the fine lines on my skin like many mineral products out there can do. This is because it has no fillers or talc in it. Aside from the SPF factor, it naturally evens out the redness in my skin and nobody can even tell that I have it on. I have been using it for over 15 years now…and it is a game changer when it comes to sun protection!



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