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10 reasons why your daughter will love our themed summer camps at Pretty in Pink Spa

Summer Camps that bring out the best!

Pretty in Pink Spa Halloween Party

It’s a perfect fit! Our summer camps are creative and original, not to mention our philosphy that camps are educational, inspiring and help young girls develop into confident, strong individuals. Our campers will create everlasting memories and new friends.

Day camps at Pretty in Pink Spa focus on positive energy, living a healthy and natural lifestyle and letting our inner and outer beauty shine!

This year’s themes for camp are new and exciting! See the top ten reasons why your daughter will love our amazing summer line up!

A unique combo of inspiration and education

Pretty in Pink Spa Halloween Party
  1. 1) Your daughter will feel inspired when they meet our Camp Director who has a degree in art and photography. Skilled in many forms of design and being an entrepreneur, she offers girls informed lessons on a variety of creative subjects.
  2. 2) Did I mention creativity! These weeks are full of fantastic projects! DIY a mirror for your room, sew a trendy summer wrap dress, design your own plushie doll to keep and so much more!
  3. 3) Want to be an entrepreneur? At our design week girls will learn tips of the trade as they dabble in interior design, jewellery making, fashion, beauty product creation and toy development. They will come to understand how to display and sell their designs, set up a product photo shoot, and promote their designs to their target audience.
  4. 4) Or maybe your daughter loves to travel! Then she will love our European vacation week, packed full of cultural delights. Get immersed in European art, dance, dress, food and more.
  5. 5) Girls get to experience, make and EAT food from around Europe. Make a slow cooker lasagna, stuff French pastries and Russian blinis, enjoy an afternoon of biscuits and tea or perhaps some sparkling grape champagne. And don’t forget about our chocolate day! Mix and mold your own chocolates, receive Belgium chocolate facials and indulge in chocolate fondue!

    It's time for Summer Camp

    Pretty in Pink Spa Halloween Party


  7. 6) There is something for everyone! DIY projects, painting, crafts, jewellery design, fashion, creative writing, photography, cooking, spa fun and more! Don’t forget at Pretty in Pink Summer Camp we love to get active too! Enjoy fun dance lessons and time outdoors for sports and games.
  8. 7) Don’t worry your children are in good hands! Our Camp Director has over 10 years experience in the children’s industry teaching art and sports. She is CPR certified and all our staff are equipped with proper credentials and police checks.
  9. 8) Your daughter will love our beautiful, clean and natural environment. Plus you will love our focus on all natural, organic and chemical free spa products teaching your daughter the importance of reading a label and becoming ingredient savvy.
  10. 9) Our goal is to make a truly memorable and positive experience. We focus on girl power and making sure every girl is included. We look not only to make and do amazing projects, but make amazing memories and friendships.
  11. 10) It’s FUN! Why we love to teach girls new things and get into challenging projects we also love to let loose and just have fun! Whether having impromptu dance offs or heading outside to play a hilarious game of “scream” we are always laughing and having a good time. Pretty in Pink Spa is a wonderful camp experience which will have your daughter begging to come back again!

Spa Summer Camp~How Fun!

Pretty in Pink Spa Halloween Party



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