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You are invited to meet a Dragon~Arlene Dickinson

Arlene Dickinson Pretty in Pink Spa Oakville Girls

open quoteclose quoteDragon's Den and Shark Tank are a ritual in our house
As a business entrepreneur and successful small business owner, I find myself drawn to television shows such as Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank. The idea of watching other entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to these successful, well-known “Sharks” and “Dragons” of the business world in the hopes of securing financial investment, just leaves me wanting more, week after week. These shows have become a ritual in our home and part of our “family time” as we all sit in front of the television waiting to see what ideas are being brought forth to these Sharks and Dragons. I love how my daughters have come to appreciate these types of shows as much as I do. Venture capitalist, Arlene Dickinson from the Dragon’s Den has always been a favourite of mine. I admire Arlene – wait, who am I kidding? I ADORE her! I look up to her and consider her to be a role model for entrepreneurs . She presents herself with such poise, integrity and an abundance of knowledge about entrepreneurship. She possesses all the qualities I adminre in in a business person, and the fact that she is female only who can hold her own compounds those feelings for me. I am also drawn to Arlene’s story of working hard and never giving up. Before she arrived to where she is at today, she was a broke, single mother who decided to put her fears aside and work towards her goals without giving up. Arlene is now an author, entrepreneur, television personality and self-made millionaire. So you can imagine my excitement when I was invited to meet Arlene in person.

This all came about when I read an email from an old high school friend Natalie Jamison, Weath Advisor with Scotia McLeod with the title that read “You are invited to meet a dragon ~Arlene Dickinson in person?” I had to do a double take? Was this email meant for me? Could this be possible?!?!? My hands were already shaking when I hit the keyboard button to read the email in its entirety. I couldn’t believe it was actually going to happen. I was going to meet a fellow entrepreneur that I respect so much. I was so excited! I even rescheduled our family vacation until after March 11th. I was not going to miss out on this opportunity. The days leading up to the event passed with what seemed like months! It couldn’t come fast enough! When the day finally arrived, I was over the moon. Being in the same room with Arlene Dickinson and meeting her face to face was truly an awe-inspiring moment for me. She was so much more in person (she’s got an awesome sense of humor) than what I viewed every week on television. Her energy is contagious and I feel blessed to have shared time with her. That day will be remembered by me forever as one of the most special days of my entreprenurial life. Thanks again Natalie.

open quoteclose quoteI jumped at the opportunity to support the youth of today!
So, given my fascination with reality television programmes like Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank and my admiration for Arlene Dickinson, it was not surprising to me that I jumped at the opportunity to become involved in yet another reality television program when I was approached by a fellow female entrepreneur, Fareen Samji. I met Fareen at a women’s networking event and during our conversation I learned that she is spearheading an opportunity for entrepreneurs called Python’s Pit, which is Halton’s version of Dragon’s Den. What I found to be even more enticing is that Python’s Pit is also a platform for high school entrepreneurs to have a chance to earn money and launch their business ideas while receiving invaluable advice from the “Pythons”. She asked if I would be interested in mentoring some of the aspiring entrepreneurs and I was more than flattered to graciously accept this amazing opportunity.
Arlene Dickinson Pretty in Pink Spa Oakville Girls
Mentoring these young entrepreneurs put me right in my element. I loved every single minute of it. It was such an important experience for me to help guide them and ensure that their pitches were “python” ready. Being able to help others brings a sense of satisfaction and happiness to me that is unparalleled. I am so excited for the opportunities that lay ahead for all the candidates and I am looking forward to the live taping which will take place at The Burlington Performing Arts Centre on Monday May 4, 2015. For more details, visit their website at http://pythonspit.ca

Pretty In Pink Spa is sponsoring this event and we will also have a booth set up during the live taping so come out and visit us, support your community and local entreprenuers. The best part is tickets are FREE!! Bring your spouse, your children, your friends and come out for an evening of inspiration. We will be launching a new product line Glo Minerals as well as giving away some promotional items and special offerings. Pretty in Pink will also be holding a draw so come join us and enter your name for a chance to win a FREE makeover at our spa. I can’t wait for this wonderful concept created by Python’s Pit to be shared with the public and I am grateful to have been such an important part of this amazing process. Hope to see you on the 4th!

Feeling blessed,

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