Summer Camp 2015 Week 2 – European Vacation

Pretty in Pink Spa Summer Camp 2015


Monday: Love from RUSSIA

Be immersed in Russian culture as you view some of Russia’s most spectacular architecture. Design your own set of nesting dolls; a popular artistic toy since 1890. Have a blast as you join in a traditional Russian dance. Discover the paper art of quilling and make delicious fruit filled blinis (a Russian crepe)

Tuesday: Vive le France!

Visit le Louvre to be inspired by some of the world’s greatest artists. Learn about Claude Monet and work to create your own watercolour masterpiece. Make an Eiffel tower accessory. Brush up on your French as we participate in a fun etiquette lesson. Make delicious stuffed pastries; enjoy with a glass of sparkling grape champagne.

Wednesday: Italy, then catch the ferry to Spain

Work as a team of Italian chefs to assemble a lasagne and stuff your own sweet cannoli. Head over to Spain to make a flower hair clip and a pair of castanet noise makers. Finish your look with glittery eye make up; now you are ready for your first Flamenco dance lesson. Have some time outside today to enjoy Spain and Italy’s favourite pass time…FOOTBALL (or soccer)

Thursday: Germany, Switzerland or Belgium

It is impossible to visit any of these places without indulging in fine chocolate! Today experience a relaxing chocolate facial with organic Belgium chocolate! Have a chocolate making lesson and learn to melt and mold your own chocolate. Write your own Brother’s Grimm Play. End the day with Switzerland’s national dish…Fondue!

Friday: Greetings from the United Kingdom

Make your own good luck charm bracelet as you visit the emerald island. Enter the highland games in Scotland. Get your nails polished and detailed with your flag of choice. High noon is perfect for tea and biscuits in England. Try your hand at field hockey; a sport popular in England. Don’t forget to write a postcard and talk about all the places you’ve been this week!

Pretty in Pink Spa Summer Camp 2015

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