Summer Camp 2015 Week 1 – Pink Design

Pretty in Pink Spa Summer Camp 2015

PINK DESIGN INC. July 6th-10th

Monday: Today you are an interior designer. Using a design board; draw and plan out a room of your own creation. Create DIY room projects such as a decorative mirror and clothes peg jewellery organizer. Have a design challenge as we set up a mini room display and see which group can transform the room.

Tuesday: Today you are a jewellery designer. Use professional design boards to organise your vision. Learn to bead with tiger tail wire as you make a stunning glass bead bracelet. Make unique earrings using upcycled materials. Discover how to turn “shrinky dink” paper into fashionable necklace charms. Now display your items and pitch your new jewellery line to your fellow designers.

Wednesday: Today you are a fashion designer. Use drawing materials, stencils and fashion plates to develop your trendy styles. Take the flip flop challenge and see what you can create out of recyclable materials. Use fabric, sewing materials and embellishments to make a trendy wrap outfit. Hit the runway and model your clothing line.

Thursday: Today you are a beauty product developer. Test scents as you mix your own all natural perfume. Name your fragrance and shoot a commercial. Borrow our camera and learn how to product shoot in our make shift light box studio. Mix and melt soap using natural ingredients, herbs and dried flowers. Explain to your clients why it’s important to be “all natural” in your products.

Friday: Today you are a toy developer. Understand your target audience when coming up with a perfect toy. Break into groups and team develop your own unique toy design for a certain age group. Sew and design clothing, facial features and hair as you create your own unique, plush doll!

Pink Design

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