About Us

We stand for women of all ages to uncover and embrace their inner and outer beauty

We believe in teaching girls the importance of self esteem, confidence, leadership and tapping into their own intuition

We have a deep understanding of healthy living from inside and out, physically and spiritually

We are advocates of community and giving back to those less fortunate to give others the opportunity to better their lives

We stand for leadership, female entrepreneurship and making your own dreams come true

We believe in integrating fun, knowledge and healthy choices by offering all natural, chemical free products in an inspirational and empowering space

Our mission is to enlighten, educate and bring together
daughters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sisters

To give them a space they can truly be themselves

To bond, to grow, to feel strong, healthy and beautiful on all levels
While nurturing their inner selves and nourishing their outer selves

In today’s busy world, we wanted to create a place when girls and women could come together to reconnect to themselves and each other
To build bridges of love, communication and empowerment
and to learn what true self care does for your body and your soul

The Birth Of A Dream

About Me PictureAs the mother of two daughters, with a background in education and a passion for all things natural, Sonia has put years of research into creating Pretty in Pink Spa Studio. Yes, it had to be a beautiful, relaxing and fun place to be.

But most of all, it had to be a natural, authentic spa experience for girls and their moms to enjoy.

No harsh chemicals. Nothing artificial.

Just a genuine spa for all ages, providing the finest services and treatments using the same 100% pure, organic products you would find in the world’s best natural spas.

Proudly serving girls, tweens, teens and women since 2011, Sonia’s remarkable creation – Pretty in Pink Spa Studio – has become one of Oakville’s favourite places to celebrate beauty, naturally.

Pretty In Pink Spa Studio was Sonia’s brainchild after watching her own young daughter be turned away at a standard spa on a day of pampering for a big family wedding.

Sonia had a real AHA moment to build a create an environment where all were included to celebrate beauty and sisterhood in young girls to develop into strong healthy women.

The spa was first opened as a girls’ spa for lush and organic product based birthday parties and services to teach our daughters to care for themselves, enjoy the little luxuries of life and to take the stress off of mothers to create the perfect party with all details tended to by the dedicated Pretty in Pink staff.

But soon after opening, Sonia noticed a growing trend.

The older sisters, mothers, grandmothers and women from all around began to linger and ask questions.

As our clients grew into teens, they turned to us to help with skin care.

Do you have services like this for adults?

Where can I get products like these for myself?

Oh I wish I could just stay it is so warm and welcoming here, imagine being able to enjoy this WITH my daughter?

And the next incarnation of our spa was developed.

While maintaining the integrity of the initial dream, the girls’ spa remained and an adult service list, full product line and senior estheticians were brought on board to create the first spa of its kind – a place for ALL women to feel beautiful, pampered and cared for.

Our girls’ services are unique and exclusive. All organic ingredients to nourish their young skin while maintain the fun young vibe so they love learning to take care of themselves.

Our adult services are par excellence. No standard towels and steamers will be found here!

Our products are pure and high end quality from one of the most recognized organic skin care lines, Eminence Organics and our custom experience include what other spas tack on as extras.

The place for slowing down and bonding in today’s busy world where real connection and relaxing is hard to come by.

For young, old and in between alike.

Sonia’s dedication to the quality of products is of equal importance to valuing inclusion of all to feel welcome.

So many people in today’s society are focused on clean and healthy eating but they forget about their skin care.

It’s about a holistic approach in all areas. When something is applied to our skin, in less than a minute it’s absorbed into your bloodstream.

With toxic chemicals and UV exposure from services you would find elsewhere — like shellac manicures and non-organic treatments — there can be serious health consequences.

For the Pretty in Pink philosophy, the natural way of life is what we stand for without compromise.

Only 100% safe and natural is good enough for our daughters and that’s all we will offer to you and your daughters, too. So everything we do is safe and natural. Using disposable equipment like nail files and buffers in order to prevent the spread of germs, or our insistence on natural cleaning solutions to keep our spa sparkling.

We stand by our promise to invite you to an experience of feeling welcome, supported, empowered and cared for as you enrich your relationships with the women in your life, give yourself the self care and indulgence you deserve which having full trust in our expertise and service at each step of your stay at our spa.

View Sonia’s involvement in the community here

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