Day 9 of Spa~Mas Wendy’s Favourite Picks

Finally there's a Solution.

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The Éminence Red Current Protective Moisturizer is my must have product! It hasred-currant a protective SPF 30 shield and its broad spectrum coverage blocks both UVA light (causing aging) and UVB light (causing cancer), which many sunscreens don’t do. I have oily skin and it’s so hard
o find a product that hydrates without clogging pores. This is the first moisturizer that controls acne breakouts. From my Florida vacation to an afternoon at the park with my kids, I have never gotten a sunburn while wearing this product!
To get the most of my products, I regularly exfoliate with Éminence’s Citrus Cleanser. It clears bacteria and build up so the makeup can set on the skin well. I will use this daily in the summer and three times a week in the winter. Too many exfoliants leave you with tightness but this combats oily skin without taking away all the moisture.
For both myself and my teenaged daughter, maintaining clear skin is the biggest challenge. I started her on Éminence’s Clear Skin Kit which is a great way to sample the whole line or to use while traveling. She kept the handy pouch for future use as well! I love that the gentle routine targets dryness while also gently reducing oil production in my daughter’s t- zone. For my oily skin friends, you know just how hard it can be… finally, there’s a solution!



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