Day 8 of Spa-Mas~ Owner Sonia Imerti’s Favourite Picks

My Secret to Glowing Skin.

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This was difficult for me because choosing a favourite product from my store is like being forced to choose my favourite child! I narrowed it down to my current regime, which I’ve been using with tremendous results!  FitGlow’s Vita Active Serum has a full spectrum of clinically proven super ingredients that diminish spots, freckles, hyper- pigmentation, and sun damage while improvingvita_active_serum_box my skin’s elasticity. This serum increases collagen production, smoothes lines and protects my skin from free radical damage. This power house product delivers Vitamins C & E, Plant Stem Cells, Peptides, Turmeric and Aloe Vera. I’ve already noticed the brightening effects and so have my friends and clients (who keep commenting on my glow and NO I’m not pregnant!)



I’ve rOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAeceived so many compliments lately with people asking me what I’ve been using to get my skin looking so radiant.   Here’s my secret: For an immediate transformation and long term results, my favourite product is the newly featured Vita Active Youth Oil from FitGlow Beauty. It works in total synergy with your skin delivering a serious dose of age defying benefits in a form that absorbs easily. Rare and luxurious active oils are combined with plant stem cells and retinol to bring your skin back to youthful harmony. You’ll notice a difference in your skin’s texture upon the first application! Paired with your serum, this super skin loving blend stays active for 24 hours and a little goes a long way! Oh and did I mention how wonderful this product smells.  It’s heaven in a bottle for me.

I just can’t get enough of FitGlow’s Sea Toning Mist! It’s a toning mist to be spritzed after cleansing, it sets your makeup for a flawless finish and it’s a mid afternoon quench to give skin a vital pick me up! Don’t be surprised if you walk into the spa and see me spritzing my face.  One of the qualities of youthful skin is its ability to hold water and retain a balanced amount of moisture. sea-toning-mistAs we age, our skin loses the ability to maintain this vital, plumping moisture as well as it once did. This results in a loss of firmness, pliability, and a decreased appearance of plumpness and suppleness.  Hyaluronic acid enhances moisture content beyond comparison and at the same time, revitalizes our skin’s outer layers so they look and feel softer, smoother, and radiantly hydrated! That’s how it instantly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The seaweed balances oiliness and the rose water with willow bark works as an antibacterial agent to calm my at times inflamed skin.


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