Day 7 of Spa-Mas ~Darlene’s Favourite Picks

Aging gracefully has always been a priority for me.

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Aging gracefully has always been a priority for me, making the Bearberry Eye Cream my all time FAVOURITE eye cream.   It solves all my sensitive eye challenges: puffiness, dark circles andbearberryeyerepaircream_5in_hr aging. It’s also Biodynamic organic,so this means no pesticides, synthetics or fertilizers when the plant based extracts, fruits and vegetables are farmed. 100% clean! What girl doesn’t deserve the best for her eyes, seeing that they’re the mirrors to our soul!


Citrus and Kale C+E Serum is my defence system against the things I cannot see but know are damaging my skin. Everybody can use this to protect themselves from advanced aging. It’s a must have all year long and an investment that I know I will be thankful for in yekale-serumars to come! Vitamin C brightens the complexion and vitamin E lightens marks over time. The leafy greens present in this serum supply me with just as many nutrients as when I eat them.  Vitamin C serums are a must for all skin types as part of your daily skin care regime.  Ladies please make sure you are incorporating a Vitamin C serum in your daily regime.  It’s really a MUST!

As a woman who is transitioning into menopause, Eight Greens Youth Serum is the only
medicinal Éminence product that directly addresses those pesky hormonal breakouts and loss of tone in the skin. Who needs breakouts at 50?  Not me! I use this and
the Citrus & Kale Serum on alternate days, the duo compliment one another very well! If 8-greens-serumyou are experiencing hormonal breakouts (which aren’t fun) I encourage you to use this serum.  For optimal results, use The 8 Greens Serum with the Kale & Citrus Serum.  This combo will be sure to have you glowing!



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