Pretty in Pink Spa is a proud supporter of the Oakville Girls Softball Association

OGSA Oakville AngelsPretty in Pink takes pride in supporting the Oakville Girls Softball Association. In 2015 we sponsored the Oakville Angels and we received the following recognition from the OGSA:

Thank you for your 2015 sponsorship

The OGSA is on a path of growth, and our small and mighty league is becoming a stronger community partner each year.

From 9 organic @oakvilleangels tweets, in your sponsored 2015 house league season you earned 2,100 impressions in our growing Angels community at a 10% engagement rate. That doesn’t include RT’s!

Each tweet reached 50% – 100% of our followers!

Pretty in Pink Spa provided the opportunity for 1 young Angel to become a Coach!

Trafalgar ParkThe OGSA is thankful for your Sponsorship; and will be putting your logo on a banner at our home field at Trafalgar Park. This field captures more than 80,000 visits each year where your logo will be seen! We hope you will continue to sponsor one of our girls’ team in 2016.

Thank you from the Oakville Angels!

Please click here to view the thank you letter in a new window.

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