Joanne Richard | No tricks, just healthy treats this Halloween

Kids 224No tricks, just healthy treats this Halloween.

Lather on the pumpkin latte, get a glow with pumpkin spice sugar scrub, or slather on organic chocolate. Scare away empty calories and sugar overload with some pampering that promotes girl health on the inside and out.

Pretty in Pink Spa in Oakville, geared to young girls of all ages, offers exclusive all-natural treats for the skin that are good enough to eat. With services including facials and manicures, spa parties, besties packages, and mother and daughter bonding experiences, we opted for this month’s special skin concoctions which made us feel like Halloween queens.

My daughter and I luxuriated in a delicious organic infusion for our dehydrated skin – everything esthetician Lucy Crawford put on our faces, we could have eaten, it all smelled so good. From the strawberry rhubarb exfoliant and pumpkin latte, to the willow bark booster and spicy hand scrub, our skin got fed delicious ingredients in the luxurious pretty-in-pink setting. Depending on skin type, expect a boost of licorice or jalapeno with a touch of nettle. The willow bark boosts with horse tail ingredients!

Knowing that all natural ingredients are used in the facials makes a mom feel good – so many of today’s products contain carcinogens that are sucked into the skin.

“We offer a totally chemical-free approach to self-care so they can live healthy and organic lifestyle,” says Sonia Imerti, owner of “Our age-appropriate environment lets girls be girls in a relaxing way, and it’s such a treat to see busy families and friends slow down and spend time together.”

With a mission to nuture both outer and inner beauty, Imerti promotes girl power through organic personal care and products, as well as opportunities to bond with mom or grandma, and any other special women in their lives. Imerti is a mom too so it’s a personal passion to promote a hoalistic environment offering chemical-free products, including the 100% Pure line, and Eminence products for mature skin.

shot-13-group-candid-267Imerti also created her own line of aluminum-free deodorant for girls because she couldn’t find one that she was proud to sell. Think scents of orange dreamsicle or lemongrass for her Pip Naturals brand.

So indulge this Halloween but no need to reach into your kid’s candy bag. Put down that Snickers! Make it a Good & Plenty celebration – add the treats to your face instead of your waistline.

And with Christmas coming up, stuff stockings with cupcake bath bombs, and organic lip glazes, eye shadows and mascaras, all pigmented from fruit, not chemicals.

Or better yet, give the wrap up a one-of-a-kind facial. It’ll be a merry visit with the goodness of clementines. Calories zero; relaxation 100%.


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