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Snap Oakville Pretty in PinkWhile visiting The Upper Oakville Shopping Centre, a bright pink awning caught my eye – Pretty In Pink Spa Studio – I looked down at the most elegant store front window housed by it. The clean lines of the design and the cheerful and fun, yet sophisticated colour palette had me curious as to what this store was all about. I decided to wander in and immediately was impressed by the blend of sweet and fruity scents. There were various skin products lining the walls and an armoire adorned with nail polish, organic make-up and beautiful handmade custom jewellery. I was greeted by Sonia, owner of the store, educator and mother of two girls. Pretty In Pink Spa Studio is predominantly an organic spa for girls between 5-18 years of age specializing in birthday celebrations but also a place where mom’s and daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters come in for some bonding time during side-by-side mani’s or pedi’s. Pretty In Pink Spa takes pride in being an organic, chemical free spa which not only uses organic, gluten free and vegan products in their services, but makes these products available to customers in their retail boutique which has also become the “it” spot for finding unique and fun gift ideas for all ages. Book your spa party today! Please visit their website at for more information. Indulge, you deserve it!!

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