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Founded in 2011, Pretty in Pink Spa Studio is Canada’s premier all-natural spa specially designed for young girls. It is the brainchild of Sonia Imerti, an educator, entrepreneur and mother of two girls, who recognized the need for a spa with a holistic approach to personal care for girls and women.  Located in the Upper Oakville Shopping Centre in Oakville, Pretty in Pink is a place where young girls and teens are encouraged to uncover their natural beauty, nurture their well-being – both inside and out, and celebrate their confidence and self discovery.  All of their products are all-natural, chemical free and age appropriate delivered in an inspirational and empower space.  They also have just launched an e-commerce option offering the chance to shop online for some fabulous products!



I was lucky enough to be treated to a facial at Pretty in Pink not long ago and chat with the owner, Sonia Imerti.  I’ll admit, before I went to visit Pretty in Pink, I assumed that there would be pink everywhere followed by sparkles and sequins and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  My visit left me really impressed.  Is there pink in the store?  Yes, but the vibe, the vision of what a young customer would experience is really great, very calming, and something that I think young girls could really benefit from.

Here are the top 5 things you need to know about this great Oakville Small Business:

1.  As mentioned above, all the products used and sold are organic and contain natural ingredients.  The mascara sold in the front retail space is Fruit Pigmented Colour Cosmetics made from things like raspberries to get the dark colour (and it smells divine too).  Sonia puts a lot of effort into making sure all the products are safe and natural.  How lovely does a natural Vegan warm Belgian chocolate face mask that nourishes the skin with antioxidants and restorative oils sound?  This is just one of the age appropriate treatments offered for young girls.  Check out all their services here.

2. Pretty in Pink does fabulous birthday parties.  Girls can do things like make their own lip glosses at the party, they wear plush robes, get pampered and their packages include the food and cake!  How easy is that for planning?

3.  Pretty in Pink empowers the spirit of young girls.  This fact was really driven home to me when chatting with Sonia.  At some point, most girls will be curious about makeup and want to experiment.  I loved Sonia’s approach of accepting that curiosity and working towards making tweens/teens understand how to apply it properly and what products might be harmful to their skin.  It is important to teach them not to share mascaras and to clean make up brushes, etc.  I love the thought of doing this as a bonding experience with my daughter (and yes, picking up a few tips myself!)

4. Pretty in Pink now does facials for Moms!  And you don’t want to miss out.  I was lucky enough to enjoy a facial treatment and it was really amazing.  I really liked the Eminence Organic product line, the Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer being a favourite of mine.

5.  Did you know that Pretty in Pink also has a retail store?  Not only do they sell all natural, organic cosmetics but they also are one of the best places in town to get loot bag items or gifts for girls of all ages. Some of their top sellers include one of Oprah’s favourite things, the Feeling Smitten Cupcake Bath Bombs, sleeping bags, jewellery, fun soaps and cute pens.

I also love Pretty in Pink’s ‘pinkspirations‘ that they frequently post on their Facebook page.  Great messages to share with girls and women of all ages and a testament to Sonia’s passion and what she is really trying to achieve with her business.  As we celebrate Small Business Week this week, please take a minute to learn more about Pretty in Pink.  What a great local business in the Oakville community!

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