Pretty in Pink winner Best Day Spa & Best Children’s Parties

We are so thrilled to announce that Pretty In Pink Spa has been named winner this year for the Oakville Today’s Readers’ Choice awards. As last year’s winner we are humbled to win again this year and this time under two categories. We were winners in the  Best Day Spa and Best Children’s Parties categories.

We are so excited and honoured to have been so well received and supported by our community.

In the two years that Pretty In Pink Spa has been open we have hosted well over 200 birthday parties to date. How amazing? We love seeing the smiles on all those faces and knowing we made that happen. It is an even bigger compliment when Moms tell us their Pretty In Pink celebration was their best party. We strive to make a parent’s job of party planning as stress free and seamless as possible. We take real pleasure in seeing parents sit back and actually enjoy their daughter’s birthday. We recently had a mother that is a professional photographer and she was overjoyed that her party was one of the first in a very long time where she actually could just photograph her daughter’s party and capture memories that would last a lifetime.

Eminence-Home-Page23Our nomination as Best Day Spa is even more exciting as we strive to make everyone feel great. This supports our new offering of Organic facials for children, teens and moms as well. The Eminence Organics line has been a huge hit and the feedback we have had to date is amazing.
We are truly a place for girls of all ages and not only focused on fun but more importantly building self-esteem and confidence. Natural is beautiful.

Thanks again to all of our supporters for making us such a success in the community. We appreciate all of your kind words and continued wishes. We look forward to serving you with all of your favourite organic products, spa services and party celebrations. We strive to always bring you the best, put that smile on your face and bring that confidence to your step! Please help us to continue being “The Best of Oakville”

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