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Pretty in Pink SpaA premiere organic kid’s spa, Pretty In Pink marked their first anniversary with all things pink, pretty and Paraben-free. Pretty In Pink Spa is for girls between the ages of 5-18 years of age and a go-to destination for organic health products. The young clients were treated to a Birthday Party extravaganza where they were able to invite friends to join them to be pampered in “Pretty In Pink fashion”.

The party girls were excited as they enjoyed a complimentary ride in a Pink Limo while posing for pictures and sipping on Pink Lemonade! This happened once they had their nails polished and their eyes made to sparkle with glitter. There was great music, many door prizes and raffles and the party-goers were treated to a Pretty In Pink bag of goodies and a mini cupcake as they left the excitement and exuberance of the Pretty In Pink Birthday Party.


Located at 1011 Upper Middle Road East in the Upper Oakville Shopping Centre at Eighth Line and Upper Middle Road, Sonia Imerti has designed this unique spa, the result of three years of research and hard work; a chemical-free environment, for young people that emphasizes good fun and healthy choices while pampering them naturally.

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Sonia is delighted that the community has embraced her innovative concept. She felt that girls, like their moms, would thrive by being pampered in a refined spa setting and yet, did not want them to be exposed to harsh chemicals. Sonia felt compelled to integrate her personal beliefs of living in a chemical-free environment, instilling confidence and being true to oneself. Pretty in Pink Spa aims to promote fun, confidence, self-esteem and healthy choices by offering organic products in her all ages spa environment.

The One Year celebration was only a taste of what the birthday parties are like. As well as specializing in birthday celebrations, Sonia also organizes fun workshops and camps. A warm festive atmosphere and friendly, knowledgeable staff greet each person who visit the spa.

The 100% Pure organic, gluten-free and vegan bath and beauty products, charming spa wear, exclusive handmade jewellery from Mon Petit Bijou, Luglife Bags, Feeling Smitten’s Handmade Cupcake bathbombs, Soapy Love soapsicles, as well as many other great unique gift ideas and accessories are available in their retail boutique – so there is no need to go home after the party or treatment without the girl’s favourite products.

Pretty In Pink Spa is definitely the place to go to buy Christmas gifts for all the ladies on your list. Visit the spa and see for yourself!

For more information, contact Sonia at info@organickidsspa.com Call: 905-842-PINK (7465) or visit their website at http://www.prettyinpinkspa.com/ . Alternatively, join the fun on the Pretty in Pink Spa Studio Facebook page. Also follow them on Twitter @Prettyinpinkspa.

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